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Zephyr DK Now On Pre-Sale




UPDATES: Introducing Our Next Yarn!

indiansummer sheep

Our second yarn line will be called Indian Summer. At Pacifica, it’s our goal to make quality yarns for warm weather and this next line will be designed for those warm evenings, when you want a nice light cardigan, but not a heavy sweater.

This yarn will be another DK weight, using the same 16 colors from Zephyr, and made from 100% American Wool. Since animal fibers take dye differently than plant fibers, Indian Summer will naturally have a more saturated look. Even though it will use the same color palatte as Zephyr, these yarns will look completely different, but complementary.


Now, you may be wondering why we would choose 100% American Wool for a warm weather yarn. While we traditionally view wool as a cool weather fiber, the truth is wool is a temperature regulating fiber. And breeds like merino and rambouillet are particularly well suited to warmer weather when spun properly.

As part of this venture into American made yarns, we plan to build a flock over time for Indian Summer, working with shepherds in Wyoming to cultivate over time a herd of the finest quality.

We have some ideas on what we want the final yarn to feel like, but until we can get samples we aren’t sure if this yarn will be a single ply, or a lightly spun two ply. Indian Summer will begin development once Zephyr is in production.

New Perks for Indian Summer

– Indian Summer single skein
– Indian Summer sample box
– Indian Summer Yarn + Tote
– Indian Summer Wool Lovers Bundle
– Indian Summer Woolaholic Sweater Bundle
– Adopt and Name a Sheep

New Stretch Goal: Pacifica Yarn Company Mobile Store


GOAL: $75,000

While you’ll only be able to buy Pacifica Yarn Company products through Argyle Sheep, we still want you to have opportunities to experience the yarn up close and personal.

If we can reach $75,000 by the end of the campaign, we’ll create a mobile yarn store which we will take to major events like Rhinebeck, Black Sheep, Stitches, and many others. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with our products in a unique way.

We’ll also host trunk shows across the country during a 2016 national tour that would see the yarn truck travel across the US all summer.


Our backers have spoken! They’ve picked their favorite design for our exclusive project tote. But we liked the runner up so much we’ve decided to let you choose which tote you get as your perk!

Here’s your choices:


And you can now grab a tote just by itself OR if you want BOTH totes, you can buy the second tote seperately! (Tote reward is the second reward listed)

More New Perks

– Backer Exclusive Project Tote / $25

– Yarn Craft Academy Ultimate Class Bundle (21 Class – $500 Value) / $95 / 50 limit

– Mystery Awesome Box / $99 / 100 limit

– 30 Day Sweater Online Course ($150 Value) / $95 / 50 limit



We’re going to get a limited number of Zephyr yarn bases handpainted in a beautiful custom gradient colorway. This colorway will be exclusive to Pacifica Yarn Company and only available during this campaign. When they’re gone they’re gone. **SOLD OUT**

We’ll also be taking that colorway and pairing it with a complementary kettle dyed color and incorporating them into an exclusive sweater design. Again this kit will only be available during this campaign. There’s a limited quantity, so don’t miss out! **SOLD OUT**

Other Stretch Goals

PHASE 1: $12,000 raised = 4 colors **REACHED**
PHASE 2: $19,000 raised = 8 colors **REACHED**
PHASE 3: $24,000 raised = 12 colors **REACHED**
PHASE 4: $29,000 raised = 16 colors **REACHED**
PHASE 5: $40,000 raised = Worsted weight yarn in all 16 colors **REACHED**
PHASE 6: $50,000 raised = Second Yarn Line announced **REACHED**
PHASE 7: $75,000 raised = Mobile Yarn Truck and 2016 National Tour

Introducing Pacifica Yarn Company

Pacifica Yarn Company is a brand new yarn company that will focus on creating garment quality yarns for warmer climates. The goal is to create yarns that can be knit with every single day of the year regardless of the weather.

We’re a team of Southern California knitters who understand that although alpaca is lovely and soft, it’s just not practical for our temperate climate. Even 100% wool yarns can be too much to bear during much of the year. But cellulose yarns like cotton and bamboo lack the spring and life of their wooly counterparts.

We love knitting and wanted to create an affordable yarn that feels great against the skin, like a warm breeze on a cool summer evening.


What Is Zephyr?

Our first line will be a dk weight blend of wool, cotton and possibly a little bit of something else to keep things interesting. We’re calling it Zephyr.

We’ve decided to use cotton and wool for a few specific reasons.

Cotton is incredibly durable and if spun loosely it can be very soft. Best of all, cotton has great stitch definition. Unfortunately, cotton by itself has a few major drawbacks. It has very little elasticity and tends to sag and stretch out of shape (especially if you should happen to get caught out in the rain).


Luckily by blending the cotton with an animal fiber like wool we are able to address the drawbacks of using cotton and create a yarn that is a dream to work with and wear.

Like many animal fibers, wool has excellent elasticity which causes it to stretch and bounce back to it’s original shape. This characteristic helps to balance out the relative inelasticity of the cotton and is especially important when it comes to making garments. Wool also has a naturally occurring crimp in it that causes it to trap air, this makes wool excellent for keeping you warm but it also works very efficiently to keep you comfortably cool. So the blend of cotton and wool are ideal for creating a soft, durable, elastic yarn that is cool on your skin and comfortable to wear.


So Many Pretty Colors

One of the other benefits of using wool is that you can dye it just about any color you can think of! For this exciting new yarn we have put together a fresh, modern palette of 16 colors.

Wool and cotton fibers pick up the dye slightly differently and since we are having this yarn kettle dyed, these variations can be enhanced. This variance in hue will add a beautiful depth of color and dimension to the yarn.

As a yarn company based on the Pacific coast we were very much inspired by the colors that occur naturally around us. Whether it’s a hidden cove in Morro Bay or a moss covered brick in Seattle, we want to incorporate our landscape as much as we want to be fashion forward.

Not only were these colors chosen because they are beautiful on their own, they were picked specifically because they work together in almost any combination.

[rev_slider palettes]

Color is one of the easiest ways to make a garment more interesting. We want people to be inspired to incorporate these colors together in new and interesting ways, without a lot of guesswork.


Made In America


Let’s face it, the American textile industry has seen better days. But Pacifica Yarn Company is dedicated to supporting American textile production. For us this means sourcing, dyeing, spinning and packaging our yarn here on American soil. By doing so we can help create U.S. jobs and support small American towns and businesses.


Let’s Do This Together

Because we have a huge focus on community at Argyle Sheep we want to bring you on this journey with us. Along the way we will be sharing our progress with everything from development, to logo design to sending out the first balls of yarn.

We want to make something that you’ll absolutely love so we know that getting feedback from you during this process is incredibly important! Imagine wearing a garment or giving a gift made from yarn that you helped create!

Let’s join together and create something great!


Roll Out The Perks

To thank you for funding this project we have all sorts of great perks (most of which allow you to get your hands on our new yarn).

Here are all of the exciting options!

updated rewards graphic

DISCLAIMER: Yarn Fund does not guarantee projects or investigate a creator’s ability to complete their project. It is the responsibility of the project creator to complete their project as promised, and the claims of this project are theirs alone. Understand that you are contributing to a work-in-progress and not making a direct purchase. Perks are managed by the creators and cannot be guaranteed by Yarn Fund.

You Did It! Pacifica Yarn Company Is A Go!


Backer Update #1

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Can I Purchase More Than One Reward?

Yes! Please do.

How Do I Log In / Change My Password?

If you've forgotten or lost your password and can't log in, you can request a new one by going to and clicking the 'LOST PASSWORD' link.

Your username is your email address.

I Have An Idea For A Perk. Want To Hear It?

Absolutely! Email us at

When Will I Receive My Reward?

All rewards have an estimated delivery date listed. For Zephyr yarn we expect the process of developing the yarn to take between 6 and 9 months. Once the yarn is ready to ship we will send out a survey to confirm your shipping details.

My Reward Says I Can Pick My Yarn Color. How Do I Do That?

Very carefully. Wouldn't want to pick the wrong one...

Just kidding. We'll be sending out a survey about a month before the yarn ships. You'll be able to tell us exactly what color(s) you want at that time.

Is Shipping Included With My Contribution?

No. Unfortunately our system does not support dynamic shipping pricing. For us to be able to offer perks internationally, we'll be using a third party software to confirm shipping details, allow you to select perk options like yarn colors, and pay for shipping.

Can You Give Me More Details On Zephyr?

Sort of. We have things we want to do with yarn but what is feasible we're not sure yet exactly.

Here's our ideal yarn (NOTE: Our #1 priority is price point. Everything below is subject to change):

Weight: DK / Sport

Plies: Not Sure

Yardage: 200+/ skein

Fiber Content: 50% American Wool / 40% American Cotton / 10% Linen, Bamboo, or SeaCell

We will try to source the highest quality fibers we can find and still meet our target price point.

How Much Will Zephyr Cost When It's Available At Retail?

Our goal is for you to be able to make an adult size hat from one skein with a retail price of $10.

Is Zephyr Going To Be Organic? GMO-Free? Hypo-Allergenic? Machine Washable?

Maybe. Our first priority is to create a comfortable and affordable yarn sourced 100% in the U.S.A at an afforable price. If we can get organic wool and cotton and organically dye the yarn and still meet our target price point, then we absolutely will. As for superwash or allergen free yarn, probably not. Superwash wool is still expensive and at least for Zephyr, if you're allergic to wool, this isn't the yarn for you. We hope to create other yarn lines that will be hypo-allergenic.

Are you going to make roving for spinning?

We don't have any plans to produce spinning fibers of our yarn bases.

I've Changed My Mind. Can I Get A Refund?

As long as you request your refund before the end of the campaign we can process it no problem.

My Card Was Charge Right Away. What's Up?

Yarn Fund allows us the option to receive funds immediately. This allows us to get started right away, rather than wait months to get access to funds like some other platforms.

For the Gradient yarn rewards, what does "Inspirational Example" mean?

Those are examples of what we'd like the finished product to look like. Since we do not have a finished yarn, we can't show an actual example, so we showed examples of what our inspiration is for the final product. Our gradient yarn will be similar, but different.

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